Congratulations, you’ve been featured in the media!

Most people will not take action or make the most of this incredible PR opportunity. I don’t want you to be that person.

Exposure is amazing but the magic happens when you now do one thing.


Leveraging your media placement is the secret to getting the most out of your media coverage. It’s actually my favourite part of the process because it’s SO effective.

Think about it… you were in the newspaper yesterday, but did your ideal client see it? Potentially not. Newspapers don’t last forever. That days paper will be tomorrow’s recycling. But the potential for content and PR collateral you can now create is phenomenal. So much so that one appearance in the newspaper can still win you work in years to come.

Here’s my top 6 ways to leverage exposure once you’ve been featured…

1) Share it!!

Seems simple but I continue to be amazed how many people don’t share their PR activity. Share images, links and shout about it ALL over social media for 7 days. Bonus points for sharing a pic of you holding the magazine or newspaper.

2) Add it to your ‘as featured in’

This is an incredibly effective way to boost credibility and wow prospective clients. It shows the media validate you or your business and is a powerful tool I recommend you consider.

Your ‘as featured in’ media strip can be added to your website homepage, social media profiles and can even be added to your email signature too.

To give you an example here’s mine I created on Canva and currently use as a social media cover image on my profiles…

Example Featured In Image

3) Create content

One piece of media coverage can easily be repurposed into blog posts and LinkedIn articles.

If you have an exclusive agreement with a media outlet on your story, instead of repurposing and republishing the story, you can create a blog post talking about your experience being featured with a link to the published piece.

One of my most popular blog posts was about my experience of being booked and appearing on live BBC TV. There is always an angle to share your story and leverage your media appearance.

If you wrote a how-to article that was published online, check out if you get any comments about your advice and use this as inspiration for future content too.

4) Pull out quotes

Multiple social media posts can be created from your media placement. If you were interviewed on the TV, pull out your favourite standout quotes and turn them into graphics and posts for social media.

5) Get it on your Press Page

If you want to raise your profile and haven’t got a press page on your website I thoroughly recommend you get one up. Asap.

Your press page is where you point the media to where they can find everything they need to know; your head shot, bio, media kit, your Zone of Genius, past media coverage and contact details.

6) Save it for later

Be sure to save your media clippings, images, links and anything to do with it. Even if it just a screenshot of you appearing somewhere, make a note to shout about your media wins again in the future.

If you want to discover how to get coverage you can then leverage for MAJOR exposure, drop me a message.