It’s time to be known for what you know!

Being seen as an authority and go-to leader in your industry is how you will stand out from competitors and grow trust quickly with prospective clients. Truth bomb – it’s easier to become the go-to than you may think!

This expert status boosts credibility and raises your profile which can lead to incredible opportunities for you and your business. Speaking gigs, the media calling you for a comment when a news story breaks, a newspaper column, publishing deal… you name it, it’s there for the taking.

Positioning yourself as an authority brings a loyal following, more clients, the chance to charge premium rates and opportunity to reach more people to make a big impact in the world.

Here are the 7 steps you can take to position yourself as the go-to leader easily and without spending a penny on advertising.

Decide what you want to be known for

Review your branding

Know who you want to get in front of

Get media coverage

Guest star

Create authority content

Be seen to sell

Let’s dive into each of the 7 steps and you will see just how simple becoming the go-to leader in your niche can be…

1. Decide what you want to be known for

Most people feel icky with the idea of saying “I’m an expert”. The truth is, once you become known for certain topics that expert status will be given to you by others.

Write down all the topics you are knowledgeable about. Then consider…

  • When people think of [topic] you want them to only think of you. What do you want to be known for?
  • What kind of people do you want to work with? In what way do you want to serve them?
  • What are you always asked by clients, your audience and associates? What issues do people come to you with?
  • What is your work background, experience and qualifications in?
  • What questions come up time and time again that you are repeating advice for?
  • What are you doing when your coffee goes cold? What makes you miss lunch? What could you easily talk about all day?
  • What makes you angry about your industry? What challenges do you see?

Go back to your list of topics and choose 1-3 topics you know the most about AND those will be your specialist subjects.

Now you have your expert topics, this can be what you aim your content and any publicity around. (More on this later!)

Remember to get as niche as possible as this will help with positioning you as an authority in that topic. For instance, if you’re a health coach, it would be easier to specialise working with a particular group of people who are aiming for a specific outcome that hits on their current challenges and transforms their lives.

2. Review your branding

To grow a following, create loyal fans and attract clients they have to know, love and trust your brand as well as you. Everything you do online and offline is part of your branding so it’s important to review and even upgrade your brand to ensure it is ready to go to the next level.


“Your branding needs to ooze high-end before you can attract high-end clients and charge premium prices”


If you want to attract high-end clients and charge a premium for your services then you will need to ooze high-end yourself too. You want people to recognise your brand and trust you will deliver your promise.

Here’s how to begin that trust…


  • Branded images for social media posts and profiles
  • Professional headshots and photographs
  • Relevant content on topics only within your expertise and that you know your audience needs
  • On-brand website and recognisable no matter where someone find you online or offline

3. Know who you want to get in front of

Dive into your ideal client’s mind and find out…

  • What media do they consume? Do they regularly read newspapers, magazines or listen to radio shows and podcasts?
  • How they consume their information? On their phone, laptops, books, while travelling?
  • What are they reading? Industry magazines? Read the news headlines online every day?
  • What are they listening to? Podcasts or radio in the car? Podcasts at the gym?
  • What are they watching? YouTube videos on their lunch break? Tutorial videos on their favourite website? Social media how-to videos?

4. Get media coverage

Appearing in the media immediately gives you credibility. It’s been proven in studies that PR and gaining publicity in the media is 90% more effective than advertising when it comes to promoting your business.

Check out my article on how to get media coverage from just 1 email in your local area here.


When you know what your audience is reading, watching and listening to you can start to get in front of them in those exact media outlets. Uncovering these gems will allow you to strategically get right in front of your ideal audience without spending money on advertising.

Start by doing your research to find out what publications you could feature in then pitch yourself to them.

Get the free guide with all 7-steps here…