It’s time to be known for what you know!

First of all, if you missed part 1 of this series then you can check it out here.

In this two-part series, I’m showing you how to become known as an authority and go-to leader in your industry. There are 7 steps you need to take to establish yourself as a go-to leader and none include advertising.

Let’s dive into the rest of the steps and you will see just how simple becoming the go-to leader in your niche can be…

5. Create authority content

Keeping your expert topics and ideal clients in mind, brainstorm topics that you know your audience would enjoy. Create content your audience wants, not just what you want to create.

Walk your audience through your signature process and show them how to get a quick win in a free opt-in guide, video series or cheat sheet.

Choose a schedule and commit to being consistent. If your blog doesn’t get many eyes on the first two weeks, keep going, don’t be disheartened. Consistency is key for search engines to put you on their radar as well as providing value to your audience.

Content comes in all forms nowadays so consider what format you enjoy creating and also what your audience consumes. If you’re great on camera and you know your audience watches videos then make a video.

  • Put the videos on social media
  • Embed them into a blog post with the audio transcribed into the blog
  • Pull out turn the audio into a podcast
  • Add the video to YouTube
  • Pull out quotes from the video and turn into fun social media images
  • Send the video or blog post with video out to your mailing list for your next newsletter

As you can see, video is a great place to start and the opportunities to repurpose the same piece of content is huge. Never think people won’t buy from you because you give away advice, they will!

6. Guest star

In addition to creating your own content, to position yourself as an expert you need other influencers to validate your expertise. Writing guest blog posts. providing a comment for an article or being interviews on podcasts enables you to reach a whole new, and engaged, audience.

Influencers have big and engaged audiences, tap into them! Click To Tweet

Look back at your notes on what your ideal client is reading, watching and listening to and start pitching yourself to their favourite podcasts, magazines and websites.

Another great way is to offer guest expert session on someone else’s platform. Influencers have big audiences so think about who’s audience is relevant to your business and pitch yourself to collaborate in a way they can’t resist.

Influencers have big and engaged audiences, tap into them!

7. Be seen to sell 

Believe in your products and believe in your expertise. Know that it’s ok to be paid for your knowledge, even if it comes easy to you and you love your job. Being known for free content, free challenges, free mini-courses isn’t great when you need to be monetising your business.

It’s ok to sell and it’s ok to make money. If what you do feels so easy you’re unsure why anyone would pay you, chances are you’re just darn good at what you do. Our knowledge is our expertise and if it comes naturally to us we often don’t feel like we should charge for it if our solutions seem so simple.

“Create multiple ways people can access (and buy!) your knowledge”
Rather than charge for your time or service, focus on the transformation you give your clients. Think about what your product or service does for your ideal clients and how it transforms their lives, personally or professionally.
As an expert or authority, you need to be seen to sell. Yes, free content is a big part of authority status and helping educate your following but it has to be known that to gain more from you they need to open their wallets. Giving away free content for years and then asking for money can be tricky so have some paid content, an e-course or e-book) available.
Create multiple ways people can access you
  • Through live events
  • Buying your books
  • Joining your online program
  • Working with you 1:1
Becoming the go-to leader

I’ve given you loads of ideas, and the main 7 steps, you can take to establish yourself as an authority and become a go-to leader in your industry. You now have all the tools, now it’s time to take action and implement the advice.


To help you, get your copy of the 7-step process here…