I was reading recently in The Guardian newspaper that pitching your story ideas to the media is super tough. There are general rules that people need to follow and having run a PR company, I know only too well the challenges pitching brings.

The editor of Business News Daily receives tens of email pitches into her inbox every single day. She admits 95% are rejected or ignored. I’m positive she is not alone. The website Medium says there is a massive difference between pitching a ‘story’ and pitching a ‘topic’. They also suggest businesses looking for exposure should understand which one needs to be used in the pitching scenario.

I’ve spent years writing and tweaking email and telephone pitches for both clients and myself. From getting the idea right to finding the right person, it can be tricky to get that ‘Yes!’ from journalists.

My guest today, Emma Burford, is an online magazine editor and has some fascinating insight into becoming pitch perfect. This is a video taken from the recording of my Business Innovators Radio Network show.


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