When it comes to sales and marketing, an integrated approach with both parties complimenting one another is the way to go. More often than not, PR can become the awkward third wheel in the process. Most in-house marketing and sales teams aren’t aware of the value of PR or how to even tap into it as a resource.

Whether you work in a large corporate team or a small start-up, publicity will make your life in a sales or marketing team unbelievably easier. Think about it, it’s hard to sell something that no one knows about. Get your product in the newspapers, your CEO on breakfast TV or share your award win, and selling becomes so much easier. PR boosts your business and it’s leaders credibility, raising their profile to an authority and industry influencer.

Whilst I truly believe that, with the right expert advice, anyone can learn to do their own PR, you must have a sales and marketing team that are willing to dabble with PR and who want to upskill. Giving the extra responsibility

Now you have your ideal team in mind, here’s how to ensure your in-house sales and marketing team harness the power of PR.

1) Understand the true power of PR

As with starting anything new, appreciating its value is imperative. PR is beyond valuable for your business. It has been proven to be 90% more effective than advertising.

Implementing a PR campaign reduces your advertising spend and strategically gets you in front of a much more targeted audience. PR allows your potential customers to get to know you and resonate with your message a lot faster than any other marketing tactic.

When you start using PR effectively, it makes everything about business easier.

Here are a few examples of just how effective PR and promoting your business in this way are;


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2. Get the right people around you

As I mentioned above, the in-house marketing and sales team you choose to manage your PR will need to have the right mindset and be open to the upskill. Forcing an unwilling person in your team to take on extra responsibility will not create the results you crave.

PR is, in essence, the same as sales. Getting media coverage is just like getting a sale. You have to pitch, schmooze and follow up, which your sales team will be really good at already.

3. Learn a little (but not too much!)

You won’t want to bombard your team with masses of new information and files for them to read. The best way is often to have an external person come in for a days training and some email support or follow up session afterwards. Staff always love a day away from their desk and this gives a great way to spend the training budget for everyone in one go.

4. Make it happen

Find out what media and information your audience and ideal customers are consuming. Discover where to find media contacts relevant to your business and start getting in touch with key players directly with a killer pitch.

5) Invest in training

There are various ways to learn how to do PR and manage it effectively. You can;

  • Attend a local PR how-to workshop
  • Take an online course (such as this one)
  • Bring in an external media trainer or PR coach

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To raise your profile and get fast results with media coverage I recommend spending 1:1 time with an experienced coach. I host Star for the day workshops where I show companies how to leverage media opportunities and pull out newsworthy stories to get exposure fast. It’s amazing how much you can cover in one day and for questions that pop up after I’ve gone I always have a call two weeks after our day and email support in between.

In just one day, we dive into strategically finding the media outlets your ideal client is reading, watching and listening to. You leave with a strategy in place, pitches ready to go to, introductions to high-profile journalists and a little black book of editor contact details. These days are often 95% less than companies advertising budget and have a much bigger impact on their revenue.

Ask me about my media and PR training or for a recommendation of a PR pro locally to you, email: ahoy@kerrilwatt.co.uk.