Word on the street is you have to invest money into getting your brand noticed. For years, even with the advances in social media advertising, I believe strongly this is not the case. One of my favourite websites, Day Out With The Kids, proved this with an astronomical organic reach… and not a single paid ad in sight.

Dday Out With The Kids is a hub for short breaks and day out with the family. Every time I’m in a new area or fancy doing something new near home it is my go-to resource. Naturally they have a huge and loyal following and they get great engagement rates on their social media posts.

However, they went somewhat into the viral stratosphere when they posted this…

The Facebook post simply asked their audience to have fun with the predictive text function on their phones. Fans typed “Peppa Pig stole my…” then you had to accept the next word your phone suggested for you.

Likes, comments and shares went through the roof and the post totaled 2.8 million views (and counting!) without any paid boosts or adverts. I repeat…

Day Out With The Kids got 2.8 million views on their Facebook post by creating a piece of content they knew their audience could have fun with it and want to share it.

There definitely is a time and a place for Facebook ads, I know a lot of people who rely on them to grow their business. Just remember it is possible to get in front of hundreds, thousands or millions of eyes on you without them.

The trick to getting an organic reach on your posts is creating a piece of content that not only entices someone to like it but they enjoyed their experience with it so much they will then share it too.

DOWTK spotted an opportunity and they knew just how to make their audience smile.

Over 2.8 million people reached organically on Facebook. Well one to our team for always spotting an opportunity and knowing how to make our audience smile.
Catherine Warrilow

Head of Brand, Day Out With The Kids

Head of Brand at Day Out With The Kids, Catherine Warrilow, says the reach of the post continues to grow and she along with her team are excited about what comes next.

I am too!


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