PR done for you

Kerri L Watt
Kerri L Watt

These PR done-for-you services are for companies who want to share some news, attract new customers and build their credibility.

You know you’re A-mazing at what you do, you’re probably the best in the business, and you’re frustrated that everyone hasn’t heard of you yet.

Maybe you’ve got some cool news to share and you’re ready to get yourself in front of more eyeballs.

You’re low on in-house resources or time and just want someone to jump in and share your news for you.

You’d love to bethe person, or company, the media call for a quote when a news story breaks.

You’re a great fit to work with me if…
  • You have an established business, products/services that sell and customers already. You love your business and want everyone else to love it too!
  • You have cool things happening in your business like award wins, product launches, personal stories etc.
  • You’re ready to invest in a PR specialist to share your news or position you as an industry leader.

The right person for this PR done for you service is highly likely to achieve media coverage within the first few days of working with me.

Here’s how I can help you…
Press release

• I’ll write a press release about you or your news for you.
• I’ll draft an email pitch to go with it that you can send to journalists and editors.
• I’ll advise on what to do with your press release, where to send it and how to get media coverage from it.

£650 – delivered within 3 working days.

Just click the button below to confirm this service and I will be in touch soon with next steps.

Run a PR campaign for you

• I’ll run one mini PR campaign for your company.
• I’ll write and distribute a press release and pitch your company/products/services to local or online media outlets for you.
• You’ll have a ‘press kit’ designed ready to add to your website to attract future media opportunities.
• I’ll do a ‘PR audit’ on your social media channels, website etc and advise on how you to get your business media-ready and attracting journalists.
• We’ll have a 1:1 session with you or your team to talk about how to maximise your PR efforts in-house. 

£1,995 – delivered within 4 weeks.

Just click the button below to confirm the campaign and I will be in touch soon with next steps. If you would prefer to be invoiced please email me on

If you’re keen to work with me but have a bigger campaign in mind email me on or if you want to do all of the PR yourself, you can always join me for a coaching session. Click here to find out more.