PR is the ultimate WOM but can you have a tangible outcome or ROI from it?

I say YES and here’s why…

Most marketers and businesses devote their entire budget to advertising. With advertising, leads and conversions are metrics you can evaluate thus you can see a return on your investment when it comes to advertising. Website views, click-through-rates and sales made are all figures you take to your boss, share with stakeholders and your team in your review meetings.

Metrics from a single advert or advertising campaign are tangible. You can see the ROI and tweak your next campaign according to how well the ads converted.

When we consider using PR the ROI is less tangible.

I get asked often by people enquiring into my services that are new to PR, what return on monetary investment they will see. Whilst I always guarantee clients will get media coverage or campaign success, I, and anyone else in PR, cannot give an exact figure as to the financial success a client will see.

One of the best measurements of success I saw was a client waking up to an email inbox full of sales, a growing Paypal account and a queue outside their retail outlet. All after just one radio interview and one magazine article had been published. The company had a loyal and super online following that we had been nurturing a while through incredible content so as soon as they started appearing in the media their boosted credibility turned followers into customers instantly.

Now in my opinion, THAT is value and return on investment.

While it’s tricky to show an exact monetary value of what PR will do for your business, it’s safe to say that if you nail your message, get it in the correct channels and in front of the right people PR will grow your business.

Do you want your business to be famous?

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