So, what does it take to hit the number one bestselling book spot on Amazon? Here I’m sharing my experience and taking you behind the scenes of a global bestselling book launch. I’ll walk you through the process, how to encourage sales and ways to leverage the launch to boost your credibility.

Let’s dive in…

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12pm Launch day – 2 hours before official launch and promo time

We started launch day at #18 alongside some HUGE names and books I have on my own shelves. David Hyatt, Seth Godin and Ryan Holiday. Seeing this I was pretty flabbergasted. And NEVER did I think I could overtake these guys.

Strike while the iron is hot!

The key to any kind of publicity or marketing activity is, you gotta be fast. Books fall off the top spot, social media posts stop appearing in people’s feeds and the media move on to the next story.

Screenshots are one of my FAVOURITE things to capture the wins. Computer, laptop, mobile phone, regardless of where I’m working I can quickly document things wherever I am.

As my book got a lot of eyes on it and people were buying within this launch window, Amazon threw me into multiple ‘Hot New Release’ categories for a few days.

This badge appeared on the book page. It isn’t there anymore. BUT I have a picture of it to share and use to prove that was indeed named a Hot New Release by Amazon.

A Seth Godin sandwich

At one point on launch day I was in a Seth Godin sandwich, with his book at #1, me at #2 and his audiobook at #3. This made a hilarious social media post and I was absolutely loving (albeit thinking it was a dream) rubbing e-shoulders with these famous authors.

So imagine my surprise when this happened the next day! Sorry, Seth!

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Encouraging sales

As well as sharing screenshots of how your launch is going, what you are up to and how you are charting, remember to post call-to-actions and ask for the sales. I chose to launch my book at a discount to encourage sales on launch day and do recommend you consider this as a launch strategy too.

Share the launch across all your social media platforms, email subscribers, even a ‘PS.’ after your email signature, basically everywhere you engage with your audience and potential clients. Share the link for them to buy a copy of the book.

1 day after the official launch

I could not believe my eyes when, after a night of not much sleep, I clicked to see how the book was doing across the charts.

It seems people had been buying it overnight around the world so the book reached #3 in the Marketing and Sales space too.

Seeing my mug on the same row as Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf of Wallstreet was kind of like living in a hazy dream.

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The launch stats

After a night of not very much sleep worrying where I was going to appear in the charts, I was thrilled to wake up to the actual launch results. I went from #18 down to #31 the night of launch day so, I’ll be honest, I was freaking out that I’d put it out there publicly so much and that the book might flop.

Luckily, because I was sharing the launch throughout the day and evening, people were buying copies. Then when I went to sleep, copies were flying out globally as well.

Here’s where Get a YES! from the press charted in the Amazon book charts in the UK and US…

UK Amazon book charts

  • #1 PR
  • #3 Marketing & Sales
  • #4 Advertising

US Amazon book charts

  • #1 PR
  • #6 Adv

Other charts

  • #1 Hot New Release in 3 categories – PR, Marketing & Sales, Advertising

Lights, camera, LEVERAGE!

You don’t have to hit the number one bestseller spot in any book charts in order to get some attention on your and your business.

For real. 

Launching any project is exciting. Whether it’s a digital course, a physical book or a service, a launch is something that can create a LOT of buzz. Obviously you have to have something exciting to say, but there are SO much marketing and PR opportunity for something new that you are working on.


If you launch or if your launch is featured in the media somehow, the magic is in the leverage. When you start sharing the media mentions or screenshots of happy buyer testimonials, that’s where even more people will see you, the launch AND it boosts your credibility.

Throughout my own Amazon book launch, I was posting across all my social media platforms sharing the progress in posts and social media ‘stories’. At the beginning of the launch day, I shared the exact image above to say I was in the top 20 next to some awesome names. Then throughout the day, I kept sharing the progress and how the book was bumping up the charts.

Yes, this was to perhaps encourage sales. But in all honestly, the whole point and objective to this strategy was to build my brand voice and take my audience on the journey with me. This enables me to stay in my client and potential clients mind and everything I do is to be a brochure for what I teach.

I love sharing how easy marketing and PR activities can be, and I often walk people through the process and how I do it, so a book launch was the natural progression.  

So next time you’re launching, put together a plan (even if it’s a super simple one, don’t overcomplicate things!) and be sure to leverage, leverage, leverage!