Having a press page on your website shows the media you are open to hearing from them and if YOU are the right person for their story.

Putting a press page together once means you won’t need to constantly rewrite the same information over and over again. When journalists ask you for some info, boom, it’s ready and waiting.

You can add SEO details to the page for certain keywords that will then make your press page pop up in Google searches.

Plus, seeing a press page or media area on your website REALLY impresses your clients and prospective customers too. Appearing in the media shows validates you as an authority in your industry. When you leverage each opportunity and create this press area in your website, it’s a winner all round.

If you’re keen to add a press page to your website, here are my top tips on what to include to get you started.

Your Bio

Share your professional bio. Let readers know more about you, your work history and why you are the person they need to speak to.

Company Info

Include who founded the company, when and why. What your services or products do and who you help or work with.

Zone of Genius Topics

List in bullet point format your topics of interest that you can write or speak about. This can include causes you are an advocate personally for as well as professional discussion points.

Photos and Videos

Include your head shot, company logo and product images. Make them easy to download. If you are interest in speaking or on-camera opportunities then a show reel or video of you talking is ideal too.

Links to Recent Media Coverage

Add the links to all your media coverage. Guest blog posts, TV appearances, radio interviews etc. If there isn’t a link then a screenshot or photo of the exposure looks great.

Mention Awards

Remember to note your award wins or runner up entries. They build brand credibility and give you major ‘cool points’.

‘As Seen In’ Media Strip

When you’re featured in the media, grab their logo and add it to your ‘as seen in’ or ‘featured in’ media strip. You should also add this to your website homepage and social media profiles.

Media Kit

You can put all of the press page information in the format of a media kit, also known as a press pack, that can be easily downloaded.

Contact Details

Share your direct (not admin@) contact details to contact you for media opportunities or book your for a speaking gig. Assign a media contact for your company if it will not be yourself.

You can download my cheat sheet and template for you to work from here. Check out my company press page.

How about it – will you be creating a press page for your website?