I’m all for setting boundaries and not working for free but when it comes to being mentioned in the media, PR is not something you should expect to receive payment for.  Emma Cossey (off of The Freelance Lifestyle) invited me into the #NOFREEWORK Facebook group to ask me about why being the media is completely different to the ‘No Free Work’ movement of, quite rightly, not working for free.

In short…

It is ok to be featured in the media and do credibility boosting PR activities for free.

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To work “for the exposure”  to me means: “Come and work for free for a day/week/months and do all this stuff we need and don’t want to pay you for and we’ll maybe give you a testimonial afterwards.”

Being in the media actually IS exposure. Not working for free in the hope of being introduced to someone cool. PR gets you out there in the world, potentially in front of your ideal client and then you get to add the logos to your ‘as seen in’ image to boost your credibility.

THAT is working for the exposure.

The ethics within PR and journalists also comes into play when we’re talking payment. Imagine a journalist is writing a news piece and they invite  you to provide an expert comment to include in their story. If they paid you for your comment, it would look like they had coerced you into your opinion. Whereas, had you not been paid and just give your expert comment you are seen as truthful.

As well as sharing some simple ideas for PR newbies to starting raising their profile and discussing exactly why appearing in the media is completely different to unpaid work, here’s a juicy question I was asked…

What’s the benefit of giving a quote or telling a story to a journalist?

PR is all about creating and maintaining your reputation. It’s what people say about you when you’re not listening. How you deal with a crisis, a customer complaint, your customer’s journey, it’s all part of your brand. PR is the reputation side and you establish yourself as the go-to leader in your field, thus media coverage coming into play.

Being featured in the media shows propsective and current clients that you are validated by this third party. PR activities should be seen as credibility boosting or should land you right in front of your dream clients. PR gives you the competitive edge and makes you the clear choice when people are deciding where they should buy or who to trust.

A mention in the media is fantastic but the magic happens when you leverage it. So when you’re on TV, share the journey with your audience, utilise social media stories and posts to show your day out, share key takeaways etc.

Add the logo to your ‘as seen in ‘ image on your website home page so it’s one of the first things visitors see, as well as your press page and social media cover images. 

Here’s more ideas as to how you can leverage speaking at or attending events.

There are loads of ways to start building your credibility and start landing media coverage. I share simple ideas to get you started in our #NOFREEWORK interview.

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