I build brand reputation and help you get a YES! from the press

Hey, I’m Kerri L Watt and I help small business owners and marketing teams nail their PR strategy. I’m the host of The PR Show and author of the international bestselling book Get a YES! from the press.

PR and landing media coverage get fast results as well as future-proofing your brand. I’ve seen first hand the power of what PR can do for a business and what great media coverage can do for a personal or company brand. It’s the ultimate game-changer. When you build your brand by getting media coverage and are attracting your ideal clients 24/7, everything about your business becomes easier.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to work for some big-name brands, securing them media placements and building their brand reputation. I’m proud to have worked with Marriott Hotels, Pukka Pies and American Golf along the way.

I deliver company PR workshops, manage done-for-you PR campaigns and host online training.

To gain major media coverage, all you need is the right idea, the right audience, and the right media outlet. 

I’d love to show you how to get that YES! from the press!

Over the years I've been fortunate to have worked with...

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