Hey, I’m Kerri L Watt!

PR Strategist, Freelance Journalist and Author of the bestselling PR book ‘Get a YES! from the press’.

I help get businesses of all sizes land media coverage and do their own PR in-house like a pro.

Kerri L Watt

How I can help…

PR Training

Hire me to train your team

Everything you need for your team to start landing media coverage in-house consistently even if you are new or unknown in your industry, or have no past PR or marketing experience.

From a one-off call discussing a particular campaign, a one day media workshop or ongoing PR coaching for your team, I will support your company to get that YES! from the press™ so that you can build your brand credibility, be more visible and ultimately find new customers.

Hire me as a writer or reporter

As a Freelance Journalist, I love writing and reporting on local, business, politics, education and UK news. 

I also regularly work with the media sharing quotes, interviews and writing features on topics including self-employment and business.

Kerri L Watt | Rising Tide Media

Kerri L Watt

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