1:1 PR Consultancy & Training

Would you love to start seeing your company featured in the media and attracting more clients?

PR brings credibility and visibility to your company. I’ve seen first hand the power of PR and what it can do for a person or business, and it truly is amazing.

Luckily, once you have the basics of securing media mentions, whether for a one-off product launch campaign or to consistently build your brand over time, getting a YES from the press is WAY simpler than it looks.

I’m Kerri L Watt, a PR Strategist, Freelance Journalist and author of the bestselling PR book ‘Get a YES! from the press’. I’ll teach you how to land epic media coverage that makes you more visible, well-known in your industry and ultimately secures more sales for you.

Here is how we can work together…

My signature 8-week 1:1 PR programme

This opportunity is for company directors and marketing teams who want to attract new customers and raise their profile without any additional advertising spend.

You’re a great fit for the PR programme if…
  • You have an established business and you have customers already.
  • You’re spending £5k+ a year on print and digital advertising without the desired return on investment.
  • You have someone in your team I can work with 1:1, ideally your marketing manager or the person who runs your marketing.
  • You have some epic wins or news to shout about and you want to use the media to boost your credibility and attract new customers.
What’s involved? How does the PR programme work?

During our time together, I work 1:1 with your marketing manager for eight weeks on the following things:

1. Discover what media your dream customers consume regularly so by appearing in them you get right in front of people who are ready to buy from you. For example, if they get certain magazines delivered to their office without fail every month, we then look at how you could be featuring in those very publications to guarantee you get in front of your ideal clients.

2. Find your PR Sweet Spot™ i.e. figuring out exactly where in the media you could be featured, so that your PR activities match your business objective and revenue goals. We’ll also make sure any media outreach is the right fit for your company spokesperson so that they are confident in delivering any writing or speaking opportunity that’s confirmed.

3. Together we will create your newsworthy stories so that you have a higher chance of being featured in the media we defined in steps 1 and 2. I believe everyone has a newsworthy inside them and I’ll help you find yours.

4. Next, I’ll tell you how to find the right person to contact in the media so that your story gets in front of the exact person with the power to feature you. We will also craft killer email pitches that will grab the attention of journalists and result in you getting a YES! from the press™. You can go on to use these forever!

5. Finally, we leverage! (Everyone misses this bit!) We share every media mention and showcase your awesome press appearances across social media and build a deliciously enviable ‘As seen in’ image to build your credibility and WOW your audience. We can even build an epic Virtual Press Office for your website to host all your media wins and attract even more press attention so that when a news story breaks YOU are the person they call.

We kick off with an online workshop for your team, then I give you small tasks in the first few weeks to take you through the PR process and we’ll have several online video calls via Zoom throughout. I am also available via email and WhatsApp to support you through the entire eight weeks.

What results can you expect to see and how fast?

The right company for this programme is highly likely to achieve a minimum of 10 juicy media placements within our eight weeks together which will then go on to land you more clients and bring MAJOR kudos to your company.

So far my clients have seen results including;

  • Named the “best” in their product line in The Telegraph and had to restock their warehouse SIX times after the influx of sales.
  • Stocks went up 600 times overnight (or shares – I always get muddled) after their press release was issued using my template.
  • Saved £5,000 in online advertising in 3 months because media coverage got them in front of millions of more people for free.
  • Secured a BBC TV interview after just one session with me. Then invited back because they were so good on camera.
  • Saved £22k on a new PR hire as the Marketing Manager added it into her role in just 2 hours a week.

This negates the need for a PR agency who may charge you a minimum of £2,000 a month often without a guarantee of any results.

The right company for this programme will secure a mention in a major media outlet in the first few weeks.

Kerri L Watt | Rising Tide Media
Kerri L Watt | i newspaper
 How much does it cost? And how much of our time will we need to invest?

The price for this 1:1 programme is £10,000 which is a low investment considering you’ll save at least that in your yearly advertising budget and after our eight weeks together your marketing manager will continue to land media coverage which will help you continue to land new customers FOREVER.

There are no additional paid ads, resources or advertorials to invest in at all. I teach you how to raise your profile ALL through organic media outreach.

If you take on my advice and go ALL in, ideally dedicating two hours a week to this, you could start seeing yourself in the media as soon as next week and this will lead to epic visibility for your company along with new customers and a stronger brand reputation.

100% of my clients that take on my advice and commit to the programme see media coverage confirmed in our first month together.

If you are interested, just click the button below and we can see if it’s the right fit for you. If it is then I can get you onboard today, send your first task and pencil in our first session in the next few days.

Interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started…

1) Click the button below to get in touch

2) Complete the form and tell me a little about you (no payment is requested at this stage)

3) After you complete this I’ll take a peek and get back to you asap!

Kerri L Watt

Half day 1:1 VIP PR session


If you’re not quite ready to invest in my signature PR programme, this half day 1:1 session is an amazing way to dip your toes into the world of PR.  I’ll teach you how to secure media coverage fast for your company or a specific launch or campaign you have coming up.

  • 2-3 hour 1:1 session with Kerri delivered via Zoom
  • You’ll leave with (minimum) influential journalist details, newsworthy story ideas and resources to do your PR like a pro

Once payment is made you will be contacted to book your session time and sent a quick pre-call questionnaire to complete before we meet.

I’ve known Kerri for years via LinkedIn and I’ve always admired her content and PR knowledge.

I finally got to meet her when Kerri ran a workshop for me. She was lovely and as impressive as I imagined. She clearly loves what she does and had some great practical advice which I was able to implement straight away.

Kerri was a pleasure to spend time with and I would absolutely recommend her and her services.

Kelly Hibbs

NHS, Southampton Children's Hospital

Gillian Haston

I had the pleasure of attending one of Kerri’s one-day PR workshops which I organised for my marketing team.

The session was amazing with so many great hints and tips for kick-starting our PR efforts.

Kerri was enthusiastic and quickly got under the skin of our business to reveal many actionable recommendations.

The workshop came with 4 weeks worth of email support, which was invaluable to us as we implemented our various PR related strategies.

We secured press coverage and 2 podcast interviews within a few weeks.

I can’t recommend Kerri enough. She is a PR superstar!

David Harris

Managing Director & Founder, One2create

Paula Ralph

Kerri is the go to girl for raising your profile, getting more clients and mastering your personal brand awareness!

Helen Pritchard

Helen Pritchard Online