1:1 PR coaching programme with Kerri L Watt

Kerri L Watt

This PR coaching programme is for business leaders and marketing managers who want to attract new customers and build their credibility.

You know you’re A-mazing at what you do, you’re probably the best in the business, and you’re frustrated that everyone hasn’t heard of you yet.

You’ve maybe thrown money at magazine advertising and ineffective social media ads in the past without seeing a return for your investment. 

You’d love to see yourself or the company featured in the media and you’re ready to put yourself out there and do it!

You’re a great fit to work with me if…
  • You have an established business, products/services that sell and customers already. You love your business and want everyone else to love it too!
  • You have cool things happening in your business like award wins, product launches, personal stories etc.
  • You’re happy to do your own PR which negates the need for you to hire a PR agency who may charge you a minimum of £2,000 a month often without a guarantee of any results.
  • You’re ready to stop hiding in the shadows and want a little (or huge!) spotlight on your business.

You know that the next step is to invest in your business and seek support from an experienced PR mentor. 

The right person for this programme is extremely likely to achieve a minimum of 10 juicy media placements and have media opportunities lined up for the future. And so far, 100% of my clients have done just this…

  • Warehouse restocked six times after being named “best product” in The Telegraph’s roundup article and selling out.
  • Stocks went up 600 times overnight after their first press release using my template.
  • Saved £5,000 in advertising costs as free media coverage got them in front of millions more eyeballs.
  • Two BBC TV interviews confirmed after our first session. 

Here’s how we roll…

During our time together, I work with you or your Marketing Manager through several online meetings (via Zoom) to teach you the PR process. You will be given specific tasks to do in the first few weeks and we’ll cover… 

  1. Firstly, we get your business ready for media eyes. You’ll be creating a press kit, drafting press releases, creating a media ‘hit list’ of places you’d love to feature in and have live journalist requests already landing in your inbox, You’ll be ready to contact the media by the end of week two.


  2. Then, we’ll run your first mini PR campaign sharing one piece of news with your local regional media and/or industry publications. You’ll have media coverage to share with your audience, potential clients and for your social media channels and website.


  3. Next, you’ll be reaching out to journalists, editors, producers of local or national media outlets with other stories we have created, engaging with media outlets and responding to live journalist requests.


  4. Finally, you’ll be collating all your media wins and links and creating content to leverage each one so that it opens the door to more media opportunities and attracts new customers to your company.

You will initially need to dedicate 2-3 hours a week and you will have unlimited weekday access to me via email throughout.

The price for this 1:1 programme is £3,000 which is a low investment considering you’ll save at least that in your yearly advertising budget and you’ll be able to land media coverage that builds your credibility and attracts clients FOREVER.

There are absolutely no additional paid ads, resources or advertorials to invest in at all. I teach you how to raise your profile ALL through organic media outreach.

Interested in the 1:1 PR coaching programme?

Just click the button below or email ahoy@kerrilwatt.co.uk and we can see if it’s the right fit for you. If it is then I can welcome you aboard, send your first task and pencil in our first session in the next few days.

Please note, the 6-week 1:1 PR coaching is not currently open for enrollment but hit the button below to see how else we can work together.

I’ve known Kerri for years via LinkedIn and I’ve always admired her content and PR knowledge.

I finally got to meet her when Kerri ran a workshop for me. She was lovely and as impressive as I imagined. She clearly loves what she does and had some great practical advice which I was able to implement straight away.

Kerri was a pleasure to spend time with and I would absolutely recommend her and her services.

Kelly Hibbs

NHS, Southampton Children's Hospital

Gillian Haston

I had the pleasure of attending one of Kerri’s one-day PR workshops which I organised for my marketing team.

The session was amazing with so many great hints and tips for kick-starting our PR efforts.

Kerri was enthusiastic and quickly got under the skin of our business to reveal many actionable recommendations.

The workshop came with 4 weeks worth of email support, which was invaluable to us as we implemented our various PR related strategies.

We secured press coverage and 2 podcast interviews within a few weeks.

I can’t recommend Kerri enough. She is a PR superstar!

David Harris

Managing Director & Founder, One2create

Paula Ralph

Kerri is the go to girl for raising your profile, getting more clients and mastering your personal brand awareness!

Helen Pritchard

Helen Pritchard Online