Sales From The Sofa 

Attract new clients, make money and land media coverage… even if you can’t leave the house.

Kerri L Watt

Hi, I’m Kerri…

When I first broke into self-employment I needed clients fast. I had no savings, no big list, no contacts to bring with me – nada. And being solely responsible for a new baby, I couldn’t go to coffee meetings, networking events or exhibitions like I used to.

I needed to find an easy way to build a client list without leaving the house, joining groups or paying for any ads. (Plus I had NO money to spend on my business even if I’d wanted to!)

Using my PR knowledge from previous roles, I started putting myself forward for guest blog posts and podcasts. Quickly, my name was appearing online a LOT.

I wrote magazine articles and shared short quotes for other people’s articles. My audience started to see I knew what I was talking about. They listened or read the material while I was out doing something else, nothing was live or 1:1. I could do this at 12pm or 12am, whenever was convenient.

So, I ditched the events/marketing company I’d fallen out of love with and moved my business into solely delivering PR services and ONLY talked about PR online and in the media. People would hear the word PR and think of me. I’d get tagged in social media posts recommending me for PR work (from people I didn’t even know). Enquiries would come in just from my appearances in the press and social media.

As my child grew, I adapted and repeated the low-energy activities. Working smarter not harder became my “norm”. I achieved more in my two mornings I had to work than friends at their desk 40-60 hours a week.

And today, with a chronic health condition, I have tailored them again to keep growing my business without adding an extra workload.

This is why I’m so passionate about using your time strategically. PR and marketing can completely transform and uplevel your business… even when you’re short on energy and time. And it CAN be done.

I truly believe we can have it all. More clients, more income, more opportunities. Even if you’re new, unknown, or feel stuck and unable to see how your business can progress. You can make money and uplevel your business… all from home.

And in Sales from the Sofa ™ I’m going to show you how to attract new clients, grow your business, boost your credibility and even be able to raise your prices – all without spending HOURS a week on marketing, going to events, or doing a single “discovery call”.

All in a way that feels completely aligned to you and your lifestyle. It comes down to being true to yourself, protecting your time, setting boundaries, knowing your limitations, attracting the right clients, and having FUN along the way.

Sales from the Sofa™

How to make Sales From The Sofa™

You will have access to the 2.5 hour Sales From The Sofa™ masterclass and resources including PR, sales, marketing, crazy easy ways to boost your online presence, and mindset. You’ll see my tried-and-tested process for promoting yourself, even if you have very little time to work on your business because of energy levels, your health, family responsibilities or just to try an easier way of doing things.

Here’s what we cover in the masterclass…

PR and media

  • Easy ways to land media coverage for you and your business
  • Making your business irresistable to the media 
  • Getting on the radar of super cool journalists 
  • PR activities to suit your personality and time/energy you have available 

Marketing and your brand

  • Selling on social media
  • Upping your online presence 
  • Networking without leaving the house 
  • Creating/updating your personal/company brand
  • Finding the right marketing channels to connect with your dream clients 

Mindset and growth

  • Having the confidence to grow your business, and with ease 
  • Setting boundaries and work task limits 
  • Finding your ‘baseline’ for particular activities 

Resources for you to keep…

  • Simple PR and marketing activities checklist 
  • Selling on social media cheat sheet 
  • 101 PR and Marketing Ideas ebook (usually £27)
  • …and more!

The 2.5 hour Sales From The Sofa™ masterclass is £99

Signup by clicking the button below. You’ll then be given access within 48 hours.

Here’s what my clients and others are saying…

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Who is Sales From The Sofa ™ for?

I created this for people who have little time and those, like me, who are juggling family responsibilities and/or a health journey. You’re maybe short on time, energy, or both, and don’t have the physical and mental space to pour hours a week into marketing your business.

I will show you the process I used to launch and grow my consultancy business as a new parent which helped me now as I manage self-employed single parenthood along with a chronic health condition.

If you’re new at online business and want the secrets to creating and sustaining an great income (little effort but BIG impact!) – you’re in the right place.

What results will I see for my business? 

Well, that part depends on you but, just to see what’s possible, here’s what a few of my past clients have achieved after working with me…

    • Quadrupled their consultancy fees after popping a bursting “As seen in…” pic on their homepage.
    • Warehouse sold out six times after appearing in The Telegraph’s top ten product roundup.
    • Stocks went up 600 times overnight after their first press release using my template.
    • One client landed confirmed two BBC TV interviews after our first session.

    What results will I see for my business? 

    There is only one masterclass to watch which you can view in one go or in smaller chunks. The checklists and resources will help you pop everything into place afterwards and in your own time. If you want to explore how else we can work together, just click here