The PR Show

The PR Show podcast with Kerri L Watt

The PR Show has now ended with season 2 being it’s last. I’m currently working on another version where I interview influential journalists and editors to show what it takes for companies to get on their radar and what they look for when covering a story.

In The PR Show, I shared my insights on communication strategies, ways to get a YES from the press™ and ultimately build your brand using PR.

To catch the show’s two series, just search ‘The PR Show’ in iTunes or Spotify, or hit the link below to listen now.

Want to come on the new show?

If you work in the media as a Journalist, Producer or Editor, I would love to interview you for my upcoming new podcast. I’m putting together an ACE list of media organisations to speak with about their roles and what they look for when reporting/publishing a story.

Just drop me an email: 

Kerri  L Watt