Are discovery calls necessary to win new clients?

For me, not so much. With a chronic illness and short windows to work, I absolutely cannot spend hours a week on sales calls. And in reality, even without a full bill of health, I wouldn’t be doing them.

Sure, if there’s a £5k project and they want to speak to me, then we can have a chat. BUT I have always qualified them first so that call is just to check we’re a good fit, rather than just a “get to know you” chat. By the time we get on the phone, I know the project is happening.

When it comes to £1-3k projects and my smaller online courses or training, I can qualify clients and sell without any discovery calls. 

If you want to know how I do it and some tips for you to try too, just click below to listen to my appearance on The 15 Minute Freelancer.

In the episode, I share my process to avoid time-consuming discovery calls and focus on the more valuable leads;

  • How to avoid time wasters who are just after free advice
  • When you *should* take a call
  • How to make it easy for people to buy from you
  • Why you should write your own business rules and take ownership of your time

When you’ve finished listening, just click here to find more PR tips.